Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sab Will & The 'SNAIL'

Once upon a slime...

... I just really fancied writing about all the weird and wonderful things this crazy language called English throws my way.

And The SNAIL, which is terrible English, of course, is how it's turned out.

Sab's New Academy of the Ingleesh Language (SNAIL) is my attempt to add a bit of fun and frolics to the sometimes far-too-dreary world of English.

Anything, and I mean ANYTHING I come across which demonstrates, once more, that English is nuts, just nuts, is good enough for me, and I'll post it here!

Contributions, as they say, are more than welcome, and I look forward, vitually, to communicating with all you future word weirdos who are just dying to discover this modest little blog...

As for me, I've been teachin' an' breachin' English for over 16 years here in France, apart from a brief stint setting up an English school in Greece with my future ex-wife and obviously being a watersports instructor, computer salesman, pizza waiter, wannabe journalist and Paris street photographer, abstract artist and poet, the last three of which I reckon I still am. See Paris Set Me Free for possible evidence to the contrary...

When not sullying the streets of the world's self-proclaimed most romantic city, Nikon in hand, I'm doing stuff with English. And when I'm not doing stuff with English I'm playing with pixels or pigment to my heart's desire. And poetry, for what it's worth, kinda straddles the two. I like the idea of painting with words and composing with colours. I guess it's something I aspire to.
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