Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Come On Toshi, Come On.. (You're so good)!

This video is so delicious and so obviously directly linked to language teaching that I was desperately tempted to post this on my TEFL Paris Teacher Training Blog, but ultimately refrained.

The high point has to be her conjugation of the second phrase in the first, second and third person - an flawless example of simple, clear and unambiguous language teaching - she's sooo good...

A close second comes the cheesy music which punctuates the various lessons and 'Let's use it constructively' practical examples.

An extremely honorable mention should go to the hapless Toshi, and we shall perhaps never know if he actually ever 'Came on' or not, which does lead to a certain frustration but the magic of the video remains intact.

The comments on the video are also priceless, but, alas, few of them are reprintable here: Toshi, I think she likes you; and I WANT TO BE TOSHI, are about the only ones I dare repeat.

And finally, I'm sure the parents, relatives and indeed grandmother of this fine lady must be duly proud of her You Tube entrepreneurism. My teacher training blog readers may never know what they are missing. Here's hoping her students' everyday lives will be immeasurably enriched, and that Toshi holds out for just a little longer...

Come On Toshi, Come On...

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Sab Will is Course Director at TEFL Paris, a TEFL Certificate Teacher Training Centre

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