Thursday, 18 February 2010

Euphemisms for Beginners

From a semi-mollifying...

...letter we received from a software company the other week:

"I hereby confirm that the anomaly concerning the Security Procedures produced for an investment account can be identified as an 'undocumented feature'* and assure you that this is not caused by any remaining data corruption."

*We used to call this a 'bug' in the good old days..!

I'm actively on the lookout for ridiculous English of all types - no turn of phrase is too obscure to be overlooked if it's funny, silly or otherwise risible.

Looking forward to reading and laughing with you!
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Larry from New York said...

Well, perhaps it's not fair, because whoever wrote this speaks Chinese far better than I do...

I bought a little wire mesh basket at the 99 cent (well, nowadays it's the $1.49) store. The label says:

High Quality of Imported
Stainless Steel Net Basket Serial

Shunyi Top Net Basket

Lending a New Feeling of Luxury Life.

On the back of the label it says:

The product can be used in
washing rice, cleaning rice
bran and grail will make you
The water will be drained if
you putting some vegetable,
fish and snail in it, when
putting them into oil pan, the
edible oil may be splashed
and your skin may be
scaled. It is elegant, healthy
and luxury for putting some
fruit in meeting room and
reception room

Sab Will said...

Hah! That's great! I have a wild menu from France that I'll post up shortly along the same lines...

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