Sunday, 21 February 2010

Balls To The Choices!

It was with the greatest delight...

...that we dined at A French Restaurant last week. As our French could be better, we asked for the English version of the menu. We were presented with a charming and earnestly translated document offering many tempting delicacies. To start with we tried the Cold buffet to will and the Lawyer to the prawn cocktail sauce.

For the main course, although sorely tempted by the Zander to the bottom leak, I plumped for the Flat of the day while my partner chose a Piece of the butcher (according to walked) but we weren't quite sure exactly which piece of him it was..

If you're thinking of going, do be aware that the drinks are not understood in the menus, which could potentially lead to confusion.

We were again spoilt for choice when it came to the desserts. I felt a bit sorry for the fromage frais beaten to the cream and went instead for the bavarois to the fruit and his coulis (rather his than mine).

Again my partner was somewhat daring, choosing the 3 balls to the choices option while the beautiful pear Hélène had to be left, alas, to a later date.
Hotch Potch English: "The SNAIL" ~ Balls To The Choices!
Created & written by Sab Will
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Anonymous said...

This is just great,hilarious, so French ! I loved it !
Nataly CT

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