Monday, 8 March 2010

Hello! We're Talking About Language

A touch of linguistic genius...

...from today's Dr House, or more rightly his erstwhile comedy duo partner, the flamboyant Mr Stephen Fry.

It really is a virtuoso performance from the erstwhile comedy duo partner of Hugh Laurie, and towards the end of this short clip the proverbial jaw is tempted to drop at the absurd cleverness of it all. How could he have really memorised all of that stuff he manages to spout endlessly from his mouth - it's almost too much for the average brain to take in. Great. Stephen Fry even has an entertaining blog if you enjoy his style.

Obviously we'd love to feature other similar examples of linguistic genius, absurdity or a pleasing mixture of both (why not?) so if you have any suggestions for The SNAIL then do drop me a line and I'll credit you in full at the time of publication.


Comments are, as ever, very welcome on The SNAIL!

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