Monday, 2 July 2012

One Buffalo, Two Buffali

I know, I know... you've seen these a million times, but if I'm to offer you everything funny that's ever been written about the weird and wonderful English language we have to stop by the classics from time to time.

One Buffalo, Two Buffali

A goose and a goose make... two geese. A moose and a moose make... two meese? A mouse and a mouse make...two mice. A grouse and a grouse make...grice? Greese?

One buffalo, two buffali? That sounds good, give it a try. It may be wrong, it still might fly. One buffalo, two buffali.

An ox and an ox make... oxen. A fox and a fox make...foxen? A cow and a cow make... cattle. A sow and a sow make sattle? Seattle?

One kangaroo, two kangari? Works for me. Give it a try. It may be wrong. It still might fly. One kangaroo, two kangari!

A bunch of crickets... make a racket. A whole pack of jackals... make a jacket? Bucks make a bucket. Ducks make a ducket. Do a whole bunch of duckets... make a quacket? Why not?

A pooch and a pooch... make a peach. A leech and a leech make... two looch. A roach and a roach make... two reach. A priest and a priest... what? Preach?

One caribou... two carabi? I love it, give it a try. It may be wrong, it still might fly. One caribou. Two carabi.

Twelve inchworms... make a foot worm. That's one long and skinny shaped worm. Two footworms... make a feet worm. Which you measure, with a tapeworm.

A gnu and a gnu make... two gnee. A shrew and a shrew make... two shree. A pair of canaries. How sweet! That's called a parakeet.

One buffalo, two buffali. One caribou, two carabi. One kangaroo, two kangari. One buffalo, two buffali.

Hey, Mary-Kate, what's a lot of baby tooths? Baby teeth. What's a lot of Baby Ruths? Baby Reeth? A lot of hippos? Hippies! Two buzzards? A blizzard.

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Hotch Potch English: The SNAIL ~ 'One Buffalo, Two Buffali'
Created & written by Sab Will
Copyright 2012 Sab Will / Hotch Potch English ~ The Unique English Language Website

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